Monday, March 14, 2011

Christian Women Do Not Apologize For Wanting To Be Married

You have got it together, you are well balanced, your spiritual walk is good and better by the day. You are satisfied with life, you are loving, kind, a good friend and family member. You volunteer and donate to charities you are active in your community, your world. Something is missing you are not married. Now I'd be the first to tell you that I have a love hate association with the word marriage. My parents split when I was young and I wasn't exposed to a lot of men growing up. Of The men I was exposed to I had an either very good experience with them or a very bad one. Not having a man in the household I became accustomed to running my own show. The men who I let into my life I put them on a pedestal because I had no example I expected them to be some super-human mister wonderful and when it turned out they were only human things went *poof* I lived and I learned. My choices weren't always the best I admit it!!! Over time I started to figure out what I wanted and most of all what I didn't want out of a relationship. Being a single momma I had to rely on myself I had to be mommy and daddy to my children. It never felt quite right especially as they got older but I had no choice you do what you gotta do.

As my walk with God grew stronger my eyes have been opened to the importance of men in the lives of women and their roles in the life of their children. We have been deceived by the enemy with the notion of "I don't need a man!" Its so ugly and the sole mission was to destroy the family unit to destroy God's divine design. The light bulb went off a few years ago and you will never hear me say that phrase.

Today's men are so wounded and insecure because they don't feel wanted or needed. "The women can do it all without us they only want us for sex or our money or to make babies with. Then they toss us like yesterday's trash. They divorce us and take half, all and the kids" why bother!!! I'm honestly feeling the pain and angst of men of this age. They are so full of FEAR!!! They are afraid to talk to us to be our friends and let me not get started with coffee or a date!!! Never in my life have I seen so many women struggling to get even a hey a hi or a smile from a christian man. This is sad you cannot tell me that men don't have a desire to pair up. I don't believe it. We were made to pair up this is God's design from Genesis 1:27 the desire is there its always been.

Men are necessary to lead us closer to Christ. They help build to our security and keep us safe they are the voice of reason and direction. They help to correct and instruct our children and they are key in showing them how to respect authority. Their are living examples of God's love for the church!!! They were meant to be the true providers and their self worth is wrapped up in how they make a living for their families. Men you are so important! Do not let fear drive you away. You are to be cared for and loved and we know that you need it too! So ladies do not be ashamed that you want a husband, why would you? They are worth it. God made you that way its divine design. :)

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Tasha said...

Thanks for this very honest and insightful post, Gail. You are so right about it being God's design and I am proud to have an intelligent, confident, God-fearing, vulnerable woman as a friend in you! <3