Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let the man pursue you?

Momma said "Let the man pursue you." Any thoughts?

Some ground rules if you read this but wish to remain anonymous inbox me your comments and Ill post them in quotes example Man said "....." Or Woman said "....."
This is not meant to bash so be mature and I'll post your comments. If you are comfortable posting go right ahead. I think its important to discuss this topic when it comes to Christian relationships. Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

I find that too many women are taking the initiative (asking the guy out, proposing, etc), which is allowing guys to be lazy & take a back seat (this is taking their responsibility away from them - to lead). If women stopped pursuing, guys would have to start doing it again, if they want a wife (also, girls would see if they really want a relationship in the first place - sometimes they do not, they just want to play games).

Cammydoll said...

...ok now for my opinion. I dont mind looking for someone for example at a social group or a dating site. I met my ex boyfriend online and my brother met his wife on a Christian dating site so I know it works. Its just that I want a man who isint afraid to take the time to come to me and get to know me. I want him to be my friend and be crazy about me and love my children as his own.
That kind of quality is hard to come by. I will wait for the right man but I will make myself as attractive as possible from the inside out and work on my character in the meantime! Im execting much so
I want to bring much to the table.

Im not used to waiting seriously...LoL. Im not saying Im all that but Im not used to waiting this long ever and that means my heavenly father is WORKIKNG IT OUT.

So my lesson in patience is really going for a spin here. I do know for a fact it will be definitely worth the wait cause God doesnt make junk and Im totally worth it *smile*

Anonymous said...

Let the man pursue you. ANY man worth his salt will do the pursuing.

Cammydoll said...

hahaha I really like that comment Anon...LoL. Thanks!